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A New Paradigm

Green chemistry
Safer products
A cleaner future

An innovative process

Our goal is to use green chemistry to exert preventive and sustainable action on the environment and human health.

We have redesigned known chemical processes for better selectivity while reducing energy and material costs, thereby establishing a new paradigm supporting our research.

Our green chemistry objectives include a more resource-efficient and inherently safer design of molecules, materials, products, and processes.

We all know that Solid Phase Synthesis is one of the most polluting factors, due to excessive amounts of purification solvents, reagents and non-recyclable resins.

3 levels of improvement


Less material cost

Solution phase

Better kinetics


Green chemistry

The StrainChem

In order to considerably reduce the waste formed by column chromatography of compounds, we have developed a methodology that provides high-purity intermediates and final products.

Perfectly complies with the 12 principles of green chemestry

it always seems impossible
until it’s done

Nelson Mandela

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