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The disruptive SLiPPS

StrainChem’s SLiPPS (Sustainable Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis) technology perfectly complies with the 12 principles of green chemistry.

It builds on the traditional technique developed by Nobel-prize laureate Bruce Merrifield, but it offers major improvements at three levels: economic, environmental and time-saving.

Indeed, StrainChem’s approach produces high quality peptides without involving unwanted solvents and reagents thanks to homogeneous solutions.

The key ingredient

Polyisobutylene or TAG, an industrial waste by-product, is anchored to a bifunctional substrate (S) to generate the supported substrate (TAG-S).

During the course of the following steps (n), the second function of this new compound (TAG-S) converts it into a new intermediate (TAG-In).

Then, step n+1 turns TAG-In into the supported product (TAG-P).

And finally, the target product (P) is released and the TAG is recycled.

Schema production

A virtuous cycle then repeats itself until the final sequence is reached.